How You Can Help

Become a member of the Charity.

Members can come to any of the Charity’s meetings including the Annual General Meeting, vote for the Trustees and have a say in what is going on. Membership is at the discretion of the Trustees, costs just £5, and lasts for 3 years.

Please use the Contact Us page to tell us that you want to join. Thank you!

A link for giving to UnCalon/OneHeart

Dyma ffordd rwydd i roi arian drwy UnCalon i helpi ddigartref ardal Bangor.

This is primarily intended as an easy way for folks who want to give money through OneHeart to help the homeless in the Bangor Gwynedd area and who are unable to attend any of our events. OneHeart mainly acts as a small fundraising group and money raised is then handed over to organistions such as the Cathedral Partnership and North Wales Housing who deal directly with the homeless. Every little helps, and in the past money funds have helped to buy tents, sleeping bags, respite care and help in accessing accomodation and employment.

Diolch yn fawr am eich cymorth.
Thank you very much for your support.

Sometimes there can be difficulty in getting the webpage to accept a donation. Suggestions as to possible difficulties are suggested here –