Online concert instructions

For Tomorrow’s online Cold Concert on behalf of UnCalon/OneHeart…Re instructions for Zoom Newbies.You can Zoom from a smart phone, tablet or laptop.It’s recommended you download the app before tomorrow night.This is the link for tomorrows night Just click on that link when your ready to join and keep clicking through to the final log in page. There is a waiting room so a little screen telling you about the event. You will then be allowed into the concert muted.We recommended you stay muted until the artist has finished they 15- 20 minute slot then unmute to applaud the artist and your appreciation. Before the next artist we will mute you all. As part of the audience you can choose to put your camera on or off. We do recommend if it’s your first zoom that you put your name on the zoom app as I am sure the artists would like to see who is watching.Hope this all makes sense. Here’s to a great night of music and fundraising.Please pass on the link. See you tomorrow ??